Many young creatives state that
lack of confidence and support is
the main reasons for not exploring technical aspects of transdisciplinary practice. There are many resources available online to begin a creative coding journey. However, there is a lack of one-on-one support to
aid an individual's personal needs.

We believe creatives are vital
for the health and wellbeing of
the internet and its users. Without them, we lose all individuality
and personality — shifting user experience from human-centred to profit-centred.

This is why Coding 4 Creatives was created — an educational initiative
to create supportive environments to aid creatives programming journey. Originally a set of workshops run
at the University of Southampton,
it has joined with Open Proxy to aid the movement of a healthier internet.

The C4C workshops take students back to the foundations, intertwining both practical work and theory.
It aims to promote experimental
and explorative practice, encouraging students to share and colloborate.

Utilising the p5.js library and its
online editor, students receieve instant visual feedback for a more gratifying and rewarding experience.

Are you interested in taking part?
Contact us on Instagram at @coding4creatives