to the


Why does the value of
user experience lie in its

We heard users like sheep —

they walk to where
we send them,

look to where
we point them.

Did they make a purchase?

Did we succeed in gaining some form of monetary value from their journey?

If not, make it more efficient,
and then do it again.

Over and over, we continue refining these capitalistic driven paths and for what?

Our digital spaces are
void of any and all personality.

There is no more voice.

There is no experience.

The internet has become a collection of neatly laid out boxes, each assortment just as dull as the other.

We Skip Between Websites To The Same Rhythm As The Last

Their tune playing on our continuous need for instant gratification; each new instance leading to a
heavier dose than the previous.

With each shot, we are


Then, another drop is added to the data pool of us.

Have you noticed
them following you?

Those same advertisements


up no matter which
corner you turn?

Is that what you want to see?

Do they understand you?

Do they really know you?

Our data is passed around like sloppy seconds

from one company to the next

They pretend as if they
know us

They pretend as if they
know us
more than us

With all this supposed knowledge of humanity, why does my laptop radiate more warmth than the internet?

I remember when
the internet had a personality

...a voice

You could feel a
connection between creator and user.

Each creation felt like an insight into the designer -

t h e i r l o v e s & d e s i r e s

t h e i r q u i r k s & i m p e r f e c t i o n s

We are the most connected we have ever been yet the most


Journeying through digital spaces does not ignite






The experience is


It's numbing.

It does not shock me that creatives shy away from this space. Those of us here yearn for the child-like spirit of the early years. There was no entitlement or elitism - just the pure excitement of creation.

Yet, it is in these times that we need that excitement more than ever before. We have lost the creatives voice in the dull hum of this
corporate landscape. We need those who are willing to bring personality back to the web.

The internet needs you.

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